The Wargrave Lido

Our ambition:

To build a 25 metre outdoor heated lido in Wargrave for everyone to use.

Why do we need a lido?

We are a community that embraces our riverfront setting. But living by the river makes it even more essential we have safe and proficient swimmers. Our mission is to bring everyday swimming to everyone in Wargrave by introducing a 25 metre outdoor heated swimming pool. This will ensure swimmers both young and old can learn to swim, develop their skills plus enjoy the overall health and wellbeing benefits of this great sport.

Currently we have a small pool within the Robert Piggott infant school but it is old and maintenance costs are high plus it is too small and shallow for all but the youngest of children. Once they reach 9-10, they have to travel to Reading thus meaning it could be the last time they swim at school. We need better facilities to nurture our young swimmers.

What would the lido offer the community?

  • During the day, all three Piggott schools could have access for lessons and host galas
  • Evenings and weekends would host adult lane swimming as well as family play sessions

Our team 

We are a small but very passionate committee who are dedicated to making this happen. We share a love of swimming and a belief that it is an important skill for our community to learn and develop now and in the future.  Myself (Hannah Young), David Jeary, Bettina Phillis and Liz Deacon with the support of the Robert Piggott Primary Schools PTA need to raise £200k so it will require some serious fundraising. We have set ourselves a goal of three years. Ambitious but we believe that if any community can do it we can, so I am asking everyone to please support us!

Latest News


Community Pool

According to the Amateur Swimming Assoication survey in November 2014, 45 % of children leave primary school unable to swim.  We need to provide our children with the facility to ensure that they get the opportunity to learn this potentially life saving skill.

Wargrave Lido will be a place the whole community can enjoy for fitness and fun!



Hannah Young’s Channel swim raised £14k including a very generous pledge of £5k for the project from Mike and Fiona Stubbs, and a £1k donation from Speedo.

There was a great deal of fun raising another £750 at our Comedy Bingo night in the Woodclyffe Hall.

Once we reach £50k we can apply for Sport England grants which could take us to our total.

Taking on a challenge?  Help Wargrave Lido by raising money through sponsorship.